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IAS Officer Ravi Kumar Sihag Biography, background, AIR18-UPSC, Attempts, mark sheet of UPSC, 10th and 12th, optional subject, studying methodology, family, life, his booklist, and strategy.

Ravi Kumar Sihag is a gemstone. He is an inspiring role model and a perfect example of a UPSC civil service aspirant with tremendous success. He is a synonym for brilliance blended with hard work. Most aspirants are complaining about their background, finance, and Hindi medium. He has succeeded in every obstacle in his way. Hindi UPSC aspirants are way more inspired by his talks and motivation. His work in his field is also exceptional.

IAS Officer Ravi Kumar Sihag Biography

Ravi Kumar Sihag is a reader, learner, and civil servant. Let us look at his biography!

NameRavi Kumar Sihag
OccupationIAS officer, Government Official  
Exam clearedCivil services conducted by UPSC
Date of BirthJune 13, 1992
VillageChak 3BM, Vijayanagar, Sri Ganganar,Rajastah
Marital statusUnmarried
Rank18AIR (2021)
FamousBeing a UPSC topper under AIR 20 with Hindi medium
No of Attempts4
OptionalHindi Literature
fatherRamkumar Sihag Bishnoi
MotherVimala Devi
SistersPoonam Sihag, Raveena Sihag, Komal Sihag 

Personality Traits and Interests of Ravi Kumar Sihag

  • Most of the time, Ravi keeps his beard short.
  • Spick and span clothing
  • Speak fluent Hindi
  • Motivator and youth inspiration
  • 570K followers on Instagram account.
  • Miles to Go Before Sleep is his profile statement.
  • His favorite sport is Football.
  • He was a Hardworking man helping his father in the farm field as and when required when he was with him in Ganganar.
  • Humble mannerisms
  • Because of his genuine answering manner, make him liked by youth.

What is the Family background of Ravi Kumar Sihag?

His father is a farmer. His mother is a housewife. He has three sisters. Two are unmarried. They have been very supportive of Ravi. 

What is the Educational background of Ravi Kumar Sihag?

Mr. Ravi has been a very diligent and hardworking student since his childhood. He being from Humble Background, never let an obstacle. He did his bachelors from Maharaja Ganga Singh College. His 12th score is 97% which is exceptional. The 10th score is 95% which is again a landmark achievement.

What were the marks of Ravi Kumar Sihag in the Prelims exam in 2021?

Prelims paper 1: 124.59 out of 200 is an objective MCQ paper on General studies and current affairs. Prelims paper 2: He scored 83.3 out of 200, a Quantitative and Qualitative aptitude MCQ paper.

Ravi Kumar Sihag Optional subject Choice?

Ravi chooses Hindi literature as his optional subject. There are two papers of optional.

  • He scored 284 out of 500.
  • Optional paper 1:144
  • Optional paper 2: 140

Ravi Kumar Sihag Mains subject Choice?

The mark sheet below shows marks pertaining to each subject.

No of attempts by Ravi in the UPSC examination?

Ravi Kumar Sihag attempted the exam 4 times. He cleared UPSC civil service examination in 2018 with a 337 Rank and joined Indian Defense Accounts Service. In 2019 got 317 AIR, IRTS.In 2020, he could not clear the exam. But, in 2021, he shined tremendously with flying colors, AIR-18.

Who is Ravi Kumar Sihag’s wife?

He has been unmarried till now. Nothing has been shared by him in this regard within the public domain.

Ravi Kumar Strategy for UPSC Civil Services Examination:

Ravi has gone through the preparation and knows the pain Hindi Aspirants go through. He also used to study English content and make notes in Hindi. There is a lack of valuable Hindi Written content.

He guides Hindi aspirants to read English material too. This will fill the gap between the study materials they face. Time is the greatest factor; the work of Hindi aspirants will be much simpler if they follow the above advice. If only Hindi notes and material are read, then it will be difficult.

So, He advised aspirants to read English notes well. Competition between English and Hindi students is an issue that Hindi aspirants face. Due to a lack of material and guidance, Hindi aspirants feel typical to handle it. Therefore, Upsc Hindi aspirants should pay attention to their English to convert content into Hindi.

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